2019 Airbnb & VRBO Headline Tips {Listing Audit}

Do you want to know what question I get asked ALL the time?

It's vacation rental owners asking how they can get noticed in a market with a lot of competition.

My answer? Update your headline!

This is one of the most important parts of your listing, yet all too often, I see hosts just not quite getting it all the way right.

Your headline is one of the most important pieces of your listing because it is what's going to draw them into click on your listing to learn more.

But why is a headline so important?

I've been in marketing for over a decade and the headline is ALWAYS one of the most important elements.

I mean, if you think about it, what makes you click on a promotional email?

It's the subject line: the headline of the email.

Or, if you're on a news website, what makes you click on a particular article?

It's the headline.

If you're on YouTube, and you're browsing maybe how to content, what makes you click and watch that video?

You got it. Most likely... it's going to be the headline!

Without an intriguing headline to get someone to click, you don't have an opportunity to continue the story.

The same applies with a vacation rental listing headline.

It is so important to make sure that your headline is drawing in the potential guests.

I believe this topic is so important that I have made it the very first video that I ever put on my Fully Booked Consulting YouTube channel.

For a full tutorial on how to update your headline, check out my blog post 'How to Write an Airbnb & VRBO Headline That Gets CLICKED'.

This post takes that training one step further and is a mini-audit on a real life listing. I'm going to audit this particular listing, and let you know my recommendations, and how I would change this listing if it were my own listing.

For this listing, I am on HomeAway so you can see that this headline is going to be a little longer than Airbnb. On VRBO & HomeAway, we can have up to 80 characters and on Airbnb you can have up to 50.

VRBO headline tips & optimization

You can see this headline reads: 'Enjoy The Sunsets In The Soothing Spa At the Waters Edge'.

Right off the bat, I see a few areas of opportunity here:

Opportunity #1: Remove all caps.

The very first one is that this is in all caps. I always recommend that the headline is not in all caps, and that you only use caps as a way to emphasize a particular word if needed.