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Clean your rental faster with these 5 hacks (VRBO & Airbnb cleaning tips)

I've mentioned before that I'm not really a vacation rental cleaning expert, but luckily my mom, Peggy, who has run her own cleaning business for 15 years, is an expert and I always learn a thing or two from her.

Today's video was inspired because I was recently visiting my parents at Lake of the Ozarks where we have our vacation rental, and I went into a help her out with a clean because we had about a four hour window.

The rental was in worse shape than it normally is and she needed a little extra reinforcement. So I came in there to help her out and as we were going through the clean, I just picked up a couple helpful little cleaning hacks that really helped save on time that I thought you may find helpful as well.

So, if you are interested in five vacation rental cleaning hacks to help you save time to get that five-star clean done in a quicker amount of time, then you will definitely want to watch this video (or read this post!).

vacation rental cleaning hacks

Five vacation rental cleaning hacks

Cleaning Hack #1: Bed Sheets

If you're anything like me, have you been making a bed only to realize that you are putting the sheets on the wrong direction? It's so frustrating. It happens to me every single time and I never knew this little hack until just recently.

Before my mom even starts making the bed, she holds the sheets in her hands and she holds her hands out into the corners. You can quickly do this before going through putting it on your bed and determine which side is the shorter side.

Basically, you can just put your hands in the corners real quick and when you get that tight fit by just putting your arms across, then you know you've got the shorter end that goes across the bed. Hopefully, you find this tip helpful to move a little bit quicker when you're making those beds.

Cleaning Hack #2: Cleaning the Ceiling Fans

This is a great way to clean the ceiling fans without making a huge mess around you. Basically, all you need for this is an old pillow case. You will put the pillow case over the blade of the fan and then press down on your hand and clean and then anything that drops will either be getting the top of the pillowcase or dropping into the bottom of the pillowcase.

Cleaning Hack #3: The Oven

If you have a self-cleaning oven, then I suggest just starting this process as soon as you start your clean. These sometimes take about four hours, which is about probably how long you have to clean, so you can rely on the self-cleaning oven to do the majority of the work while you are cleaning the rest of the house.

Cleaning Hack #4: The O-Cedar Spin Mop

She has used this for years and I've also heard from many other cleaners that this is their go-to mop for cleaning quickly and efficiently. Here's a link if you want to grab one on Amazon. They're about $25, so really reasonably priced and something that I know she really credits to doing a really good job cleaning her floors in a quick amount of time.

Cleaning Hack #5: Magic Erasers.

My mom always has a large stock of these on hand because she uses them for just about everything. Those little stubborn marks on the wall or just anything that's not quite coming off with a product usually comes off with a Magic Eraser. A good little tip is to always have quite a few of these on hand because you will probably be using it often to get through that clean very quickly and efficiently. You can find them on Amazon here!


These are five cleaning hacks for your vacation rental that will help you move through your home quickly yet efficiently. I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you have other hacks that you use or your cleaning team uses. I would love to hear what those are and I can always do a follow-up video with ideas generated from you guys as well.

And also, if you didn't catch the last cleaning video I did, it's really all about our process. You can see it here! A big part of moving through the home quickly is having the same process every single time and knowing exactly what you're going to clean and when you're going to clean it.


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