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What Vacation Rental Clients Say

"It's been a pleasure working with Heidi at Fully Booked to improve my vacation rental website listings. Her endless amount of knowledge in this market is spot on. She walked me through each area of the website and made suggestions that had an immediate impact in inquiries AND bookings once I made the updates. It was like Magic! There are other advanced features on the website she made suggestions for which I have not yet implemented but definitely plan to in the very near future. These advanced features and tools will help reduce the amount of time I will need to spend in responding to potential and existing renters and much more. She offered advice on rates, descriptions, photos, templates for auto-response letters, just to name a few. Thanks again Heidi, wonderful service!"

Lisa Smith

Austin, TX

"From beginning to end, working with Heidi Miget has been a professional pleasure. She had taken the time to review my website and prepared a detailed consulting report and presentation that we reviewed together. This allowed her to make specific, direct suggestions for improvement that I am in the process of implementing. At no point did I feel rushed or taken for granted. Heidi was patient and attentive to all details regarding my vacation rental. I would definitely recommend her consulting services to anyone that wants to improve their rental websites and results."

George Colon

Hilton Head, SC

​"We have been in the vacation rental business with one lake house for 13 years. When we engaged Heidi's services in 2015, we saw an immediate upswing in bookings. Fast forward to 2016 and we found ourselves with over $10,000 annual profit.  2017 promises to be even better than that! There were so many things done to improve our business that they are difficult to list in this forum. Suffice it to say that Heidi's knowledge of the seasonal rental market translates to an awesome bottom line!  I am so happy I enlisted her expertise that words seem inadequate."

David Erickson

Rocky Mount, MO

"The knowledge I received will without a doubt make my vacation rental more attractive and guest friendly. I learned a lot more about getting the most from the rental listing websites. If you are looking to promote your vacation rental and increase your income, make the step to move forward and get this vital information. Thank you, Fully Booked!"

Mary Hamlett

St. Louis, MO

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What Industry Professionals Say

"Heidi owns a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing that few other professionals I've encountered can match. She has successfully developed and executed integrated digital marketing strategies for a variety of brands across disparate industries, making her an invaluable resource for any brand she encounters. She is able to take complex digital concepts and present them to audiences of various digital fluency levels, making it simple for anyone to understand the value of digital."

Dan Stiehr

Senior Manager Marketing Science, Caleres Inc.

"True leaders work alongside the people they lead—and this is only one example of why I respect Heidi the way I do. I worked with Heidi for over five years at Brighton Agency where she led our online marketing efforts and played an integral role in building up and managing our online marketing team. I got the privilege of working closely with Heidi through the multi-brand strategy launch and on-boarding of a Fortune 500 company into its first email marketing platform. Most notably, Heidi served as a key influencer and pioneer through the development of a proprietary software tool used to automate and manage highly complex and targeted email communications—allowing the agency to effectively and efficiently deliver on client objectives—with her practices and processes still in use today.

To say I learned a lot from Heidi in our time together, is an understatement. She is an accountable leader and teammate, with a strong ability to teach and empower others through her work. This all comes naturally to Heidi because these qualities are an extension of her genuine self. Heidi has my highest recommendation."

Leanne Todd

Marketing Account Director, Brighton Agency

"Few people have the opportunity to work with a truly passionate, collaborative and forward-thinking client like Heidi – but I had the pleasure of being her agency partner during her time at Save-A-Lot. Confident, sincere and curious, Heidi has the unique ability to challenge the status quo, while dually putting all around her at ease. She welcomed and encouraged the opportunity to test and improve digital media strategy in order to achieve real results for her team and business. Not only is Heidi a bold and savvy marketer, but she is simply a delight to work with each day. Heidi’s genuine positivity and collaborative spirit will make her a tremendous partner." 

Valerie Henninger

VP, Digital Strategy, NSA Media

"I had the great opportunity to work alongside Heidi and her team for several years. During this timeframe, she continually raised the bar on her company’s digital marketing strategy. She propelled key business initiatives forward, utilizing data driven insights, and a smart scalable approach. Heidi truly understands the importance of developing a best-in-class customer experience via relevant and timely lifecycle strategies, rich and engaging content and ongoing testing and optimization efforts. She’s a seasoned digital expert that can truly move the needle."

Kimberly Snyder

Sr. Marketing Strategist, Yes Lifecycle Marketing

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