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My Journey from the Corporate World to the Vacation Rental Industry

I recently read an article titled "People Start Hating Their Jobs at 35". Well...guess who was about 3 months shy of 35 and really not loving their Corporate gig? You guessed it. This gal.

But here's the thing - I really didn't hate my job at all. I actually really loved it. I was a Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy for a National grocery chain and I loved what my job entailed: working cross-functionally with all different kinds of people across the company and industry, creating digital marketing strategies, managing omni-channel marketing campaigns and then diving into the analytics to understand how well it all performed. It was really a ton of fun. I love working in digital marketing and I have since day one of my first 'big kid job' over 11 years ago when I entered the digital marketing field.

What I didn't love? The Corporate world. It just wasn't for me and for the past year, I've known that it was not where I wanted to be long-term. I may be passionate about digital marketing, but I couldn't necessarily say the same for the industry I was working in.

It didn't take me long to decide what my next step would be. I was introduced to the vacation rental industry almost 4 years ago when my husband and I became vacation rental homeowners with my parents. I eagerly took over the marketing, lead generation and inquiry management piece of the business and absolutely loved learning about this industry and applying my years of digital marketing knowledge to our rental listings.

So, after years of managing our own rental and helping friends manage their rentals, I decided to combine these two areas of experience (and also happen to be passionate about) and launch Fully Booked Consulting, a vacation rental marketing company that helps owners maximize the true potential of their vacation rental homes.

I'm so excited for this next chapter in my career and look forward to helping vacation rental homeowners grow their businesses. See ya later TPS reports! :-)


Heidi Miget is the Owner of Fully Booked Consulting and lives in St. Louis, MO with her husband and two young sons. Learn more here or say hello at


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