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How to use Vrbo Boost & Power-ups to improve ranking

If you are on Vrbo and you're a Premier Partner, then you will definitely want to watch the video above because I have a quick trick on how you can move your listing up in the search results.

The feature I am referring to that is going to help boost your search ranking is Boost by Vrbo and it's available if you are a Premier Partner.

Vrbo will give you power ups when you have a booking through their platform and then when someone has completed their booking, you get more power ups. When you go into your dashboard, you will see a number associated with how many power ups that you've earned. And then you can use these as credits to increase your raking for specific dates.

Now you would want to use this when you're trying to fill your calendar kind of last minute, fill in some gaps that are harder to get bookings for. And specifically, you might want to use them for the off season when it's just harder overall to get bookings.

So I am going to jump into my dashboard (01:35), show you my screen, and show you how this all works.

Now I am inside my VRBO account. And you will want to select on Market Maker in order to use the boost tool. So you will see the first thing that you'll need to do to use it is find open dates on your calendar.

I have a few dates coming up that are currently open. So I will select those two dates. And then you will see that option will come up to select boost search position. You can see right here, it tells me that I'm currently in 96 to 110 and 111 to 125. So I'm going to apply my power ups to increase my position. I'll click that and it'll bring up a new screen.

Over to the left, I can see how many power ups I have to use and then this slider will allow me to say how many I want to use for these two dates. So you can see that as I drag it, my position increases.

I've now applied 64 power ups and my position increases to six to 10 here and 31 to 35 here. And if I keep applying more power ups, you can see my position continues to increase. Once you get it to where you want to, then you can apply and see if that helps you get any additional bookings.


If you are a Premier Partner and you have power ups available, give Boost a try and let me know in the comments below if you've used it and if it's worked for you or not. I am still testing it myself and I will be sure to do a follow up video to let you know how it's been working for me.

If you are not a Premier Partner yet, check out this post. This is all about getting started on VRBO and Airbnb so be sure to check out these videos because they will get you to the point where you will earn Premier Partner status and then you will have access to tools like this.

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