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Leave a Lasting Impression with These Vacation Rental Branding Tips

Want to leave a lasting impression on your vacation rental guests?

Let's say you're looking for a condo on a beach in Destin, Florida. What's going to jump out at you more, something that just has named itself Condo Unit #22 or Beachfront Bliss?

A strong vacation rental brand can not only draw in a potential guest when they're browsing through hundreds of homes, but it can also leave a lasting impression on those that have stayed at your home. It makes it easier for them to refer you to others, or to go back and find you when they want to re-book next year.

Today, I'll review why a brand is important, three ideas to help you name your rental, and three tips to help you bring your brand to life.

I spent six years of my career at a branding agency, where I worked with Fortune 500 brands, and they are willing to pay a lot of money for branding because they know how important it is.

Establish a strong brand is still just as important for a small business. As an agency owner, I ensure that my clients are keeping their brand top of mind, which is why I wanted to put this video together today.

Three reasons why it's so important for you to brand your vacation rental.

Reason #1: Connection

A brand really allows the potential guest to connect to your rental.

Reason #2: Get Remembered

A brand will make it easier for a guest to find you, refer you, and it encourages repeat visits.

Reason #3: Stand Out

Most vacation rental homeowners aren't taking advantage of this, so it's a great opportunity to really stand out among the crowd.

Three Ideas for Naming Your Vacation Rental

Idea #1: Highlight a Unique Feature

Highlight a unique feature that your home has. For example, one of the clients that I worked with had a vacation home and surrounded by it were dogwood trees, so they named their home Casa del Cornejo and that means House of the Dogwoods.

Idea #2: Capture the Owner Personality

You can really capture your personality with the brand. One of my clients has over 30 homes in their portfolio and what they've done is they've named each one of their homes to capture and important facet of their life.

They have names of homes for sports teams that they like, city that they have lived in, or places that they've traveled. It could be unique to you and it could really capture the owner personality.

Idea #3: Capture the Vibe.

You could also capture kind of the home's vibe. Another vacation rental homeowner that I worked with had a cozy little cottage in a secluded part of a lake and they also had a hot tub in their home. So their home name was M&M's Retreat, and that just kind of nicely sums up what you really get with their home.

Those are a couple ideas to help get you started, hopefully something was helpful to start with your brainstorming.

Three Tips When Deciding on Your Vacation Rental Brand

Tip #1: Think About Execution

How are you going to execute this theme throughout the room and on the wall hangings and anywhere else that you can really incorporate the brand, trying to think about how your theme can continue throughout the home.

Tip #2: Be Consistent

You not only want to be consistent throughout all of the rooms within your home, but how are you going to incorporate it into the communication with your guests, into the book that you leave.

You want to really make sure that once you've decided on a name for your home that you incorporate it into all the different guest touch-points.

Tip #3: Level Up Your Branding

And tip number three, you can really level up your branding, you can take this to the whole next level. You could get a logo for your brand, you could add this on towels throughout the home.

I've even seen where you could put it on pillows, or just really start to find subtle, nice ways to brand it throughout the home.


A vacation rental brand can really help you stand out in a crowded market and get remembered for future stays.

Let me know in the comments below, have you branded your vacation rental yet? Are you going to?


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