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VRBO Listing Makeover: Try this Quick Trick

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So, you've completed your vacation rental listing and you're ready to publish. You've probably proofread, double-checked that you have the right beds listed, have all the amenities you can think of checked off and you've come up with the perfect headline. Great! But don't hit publish just yet...

I have been in Marketing for over ten years and I've learned there's one mistake that is just so easy to make. All too often we get so caught up in what we want to say, that we don't really capture what they want us to say. They - the guest - the reason we're in this business and the ones we want to delight.

You may have listed every feature about your rental perfectly but is it speaking to your potential guest? Are you anticipating their questions and answering them in your listing?

Quick trick: Put on your 'Vacationer Hat' and re-read your listing as if you are a potential guest.

Bonus points: Have a friend that would match your target audience (and preferably one that is Type A!) review your listing and provide you with their observations and list of unanswered questions.

Does your listing address all of the main questions you receive in your inquiries? If you're property is brand new, definitely have a friend review to help address this!

Does the listing speak to your target audience? For instance, with our listing we always knew we appealed to families and our listing was targeted towards that audience. However, after a few years we began to realize that our property attracted an elderly audience as well since there are few steps and a first floor bedroom (something that is uncommon in our area). I made some updates to highlight the features that appeal to this audience and instantly saw more bookings.

Do your pictures include descriptions so the guest knows what exactly they're looking at? I often see this feature is over-looked and the host is missing a perfect opportunity to properly explain what the room is, how it is often used and what is special about it.

How far is the property from the main attractions? This is an easy one to over-look sometimes, especially if you live in the same area as your rental home but be sure to address how far your home is from the main attraction(s), city center, etc. If you live in an area where most people come for the same reason (e.g. Disney World), you may want to strongly consider adding drive time in the property headline.

Can guests SEE what your place really looks like? I can't harp on this one enough...quality photos are EVERYTHING. The home needs to look clean, bright and welcoming and if your photos are dark and dingy, it just won't. It's ideal to hire a professional photographer but if that's not in the budget, check out this short video from HomeAway for 7 Smartphone photography tips.

So go ahead, give your property listing one more review from the eyes of your potential guest. A good, detailed listing is sure to start things off on the right foot and show them you are a host that anticipates their needs and delivers an exceptional experience from start to end.


If you’re interested in implementing a marketing strategy for your vacation rental home to increase leads and vacation rental income, learn more about Fully Booked here or head over to our Services page and book a free consultation. We would love to talk to you and learn more about your vacation rental business!

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